Access to Proactively Managed Asymmetric Opportunities with Potential for High Return

Substantial Shareholders
As at close July 2019, substantial shareholders of the Company comprised the following:

Name% Ordinary Shares
Rizzs Investcorp Limited23.6
Zafarullah Karim7.9
T&J Capital Group FZ LLC7.0
Hargreaves Lansdown (Nominees) Limited6.1
Interactive Investor Services Nominees Limited5.8
HSBC Client Holdings Nominee (UK) Limited4.4
Stephen James Blackford4.3
Lord Nicholas Monson4.0
Alcazar 1 PTE Limited4.0
Trustees in the bankruptcy of E Ahmed3.7
Crowd for Angels (UK) Ltd3.7
Ronald Bruce Rowan3.3
Raul Fofanah3.3

The Company’s shares are listed on Asset Match as

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