Zafar Karim, Executive Chairman

Zafar, Executive Chairman, brings almost three decades of investment banking and financial experience, including growing companies, turning around companies, restructurings, financial strategy and investment and risk management to Eight Peaks.

Zafar served as a board member and consultant for several companies, particularly in relation to their financial, investment and risk strategies. From 1994 to 2002, Zafar worked in the investment banking division of N M Rothschild. He started his career in 1990 with the investment banking division of Salomon Brothers.

Zafar successfully completed the Oxford Blockchain Strategy Programme, University of Oxford, UK. He also has an M.A. in economics from the University of Cambridge, UK.

Thomas Reuner, Executive Director

Thomas is an experienced strategy consultant. His deep understanding of the dynamics of the IT and telecommunications sectors comes from senior positions with IDC in Germany and with Gartner, NelsonHall and KPMG Consulting in the United Kingdom. Thomas’s expertise lies in investment research, evaluating and formulating business and IT strategy and analysing technology adoption.

Thomas has a PhD from the University of Göttingen in Germany.

Lord Nicholas Monson

Nicholas has significant experience as an investor relations adviser to listed companies in a range of sectors, including bio tech, engineering, natural resources, energy, technology and finance. His range of activities covers communications and helping to raise equity and debt.

He is also an author and has been a publisher, non-executive Chairman of a listed company and CEO of a charity.

Working together Zafar and Tom, with input from Nicholas, use their investment banking and management consultancy, contacts, experience and skills to source, make, grow and exit investments.

Strategy and Investing Policy

Eight Peaks seeks out and invests in near start up and small companies that are in sectors exhibiting long term growth. The investments must have the potential and catalysts to generate asymmetric returns. Once invested, Eight Peaks assists the companies to realise their potentials. Returns are generated on exits, which can be IPOs or trade sales. Such opportunities are typically not available to private investors. An investment in Eight Peaks provides exposure to these opportunities.

Eight Peaks makes investments in all sectors including technology, energy and natural resources, specifically in businesses and opportunities with the potential for substantial asymmetric capital appreciation. The focus is primarily on high growth companies, although investments may be made in anticipation of receiving dividends.

Investments may be structured primarily using equity, although debt or derivatives may be used where appropriate. In cases in which leverage is used, it is expected to be limited to 100 percent of the gross asset value of Eight Peaks at the time of the investment. Dependent on the nature and size of the investments, Eight Peaks may take a passive or active role in the investments. Typically, investments will be held for between two and seven years, but may be held for other periods as appropriate.

Eight Peaks does not have an investment manager.

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